MODAFINIL? Bad side effects, long term with usage of 400 mg./day?

Posted by Gene Ames, Jr. @gamesjr, Sun, Sep 22 4:51pm

Does anyone have experience with long term usage of Modafinil, at 400 mg per day? could that dosage backfire and eventually cause the extreme daytime fatique it is initially taken to prevent?

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Hi @gamesjr, I'm tagging @sandytoes14 @1942daa @johnhans @abopp2022 @peach414144 @oldkarl and @predictable in hopes they may be able to offer their opinions and offer you support.

Are you currently on modafinal? What is your experience so far?


Hi, @gamesjr – here is some Mayo Clinic information on modafinil that may be helpful

Also curious whether you are taking this medication currently, and if so, how it's going?

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