Missing a dose?

Posted by BlueSplashGirl/ Carolyn @bluesplashgirl, Jun 23, 2020

Hello Everyone, I missed my rifampin and azithromycin dose last night… (I fell asleep). I took them this morning. Should I skip the dosage of those two for today? Or should I get back on track and take them? Thank you!

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BlueSplashGirl. Be careful not to double dose. I’ve forgotten meds before like that and I called my pharmacist right away and he advised me not to take the meds twice on same day…in other words space out the time from the dose that you took when you remembered until you can get back on track. I hope that helps??


Azithromycin has an elimination half-life of 68 hours so you get a lot of overlap there, especially since you are taking the drugs daily. Some doctors say Rifampin may not even be necessary, certainly less so than the other 2. IMO just skip today's dose.


Thanks everyone. I will just skip the missed dose and carry on tomorrow. Carolyn

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