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mini strokes and the brain stem

Posted by @laredosmith in Brain & Nervous System, Sep 11, 2011

My brother has been having mini strokes. After 3 weeks delay they finally decided to do an angiogram. Found two blockages in the brain stem. One is completely blocked and the other is partial. They do not have the experience to treat and have written him off. Anyone with this kind of experience? Is Mayo the place to go for this kind of problem?


Posted by @elizabethrice, Sep 28, 2011

Thanks for your comment. Here's some information about Mayo's experience in treating stroke: You can click on the "Request an Appointment" button at the top of the page if you'd like to travel to one of the Mayo campuses for treatment.


Posted by @pase, Oct 18, 2011

My Daughter is a 46 year old mother of 4 and recently was hospitalized and diagnosed with a blood clot in her brain stem at the base of her brain. She has been in the hospital 4 times since July 19 this year. Had all sorts of tests and her doctors cannot find why she has the blood clot. She is on massive amounts of blood thinners and is still having the mini strokes. She does not have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Her Dr's have determiined she has a clotting disorder but all the 100's of tests have not proven anything. Does any one know if the Mayo Clinic wouuld be the right place to go for this condition?

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