Might I have decreased lung capacity nearly 3 weeks after anesthesia?

Posted by blinken @blinken, Jan 23, 2021

I had surgery under general anesthesia in August for rectal prolapse repair and hemorrhoidectomy, surgery for colostomy in September with spinal anesthesia. About 3 weeks ago I had a rectal exam under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. I was awakened and sent home a few hours later. My voice this time was very hoarse and low-pitched. I did start coughing up a lot of phlegm that day and nearly all the next day. My lungs felt less congested each time I would bring something up but by the end of that second day, the coughing stopped and my voice was getting less hoarse. However, I still feel as though I have decreased lung capacity and I wish I could cough to bring up more phlegm. After my first and second surgeries, nursing staff had me use a device to measure and exercise my lungs to avoid pneumonia and I didn't feel this sort of tightness. I don't know if the first surgery under general anesthesia was different than what was used at this last procedure but I wasn't under for very long, I don't think. Is it common to have this somewhat tight feeling in your lungs this long after anesthesia? I don't feel ill and don't have a temperature. I'm not a smoker since 1990.

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@blinken You were recently put under general anesthesia and since then you feel that you have decreased lung capacity and lung issues.

Members like @merpreb @trixie1313 @tonya1980 @suzylulu @nla4625 have experience with lung health and may be able to answer questions and/or offer support.

I'm wondering if you have contacted the hospital regarding your symptoms?


Hello @blinken. I have to ask you if you have called your surgeon and asked him what could cause this? Has this sensation caused any restricted activities? Does the operation that you had cause GERD? That can cause shortness of breath?

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