Mesothelial Tumor

Posted by islandmomma @islandmomma, Dec 11, 2018

I had a large biliary cystadenoma found bc it was pressing on my gallbladder and this prompted a liver resection, during this surgery they found another tumor attached to my diaphragm and they had to scrape it off, results from biopsy said biliary cystadenoma, no cancer and the other tumor was a mesothelial cell tumor (non cancerous).
Wondering if anyone else? This was foubd by chance bc it was not seen on any of my scans prior to surgery.
I had been having problems with breathing for some time even though I was walking 2-4mi and running 1-2 several times a week I would get winded just going up oir stairs.

I'm in the middle of waiting for follow ups with pulmonologist late Jan. Wondering if maybe I should go on sooner.


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Your original question islandmama was seeing if you should call your Dr sooner. What do you think? Do you feel worse?


I still have exhaustion, IBS symptoms and have to really watch what I eat so much that I hate eating now. My concern would be of last time the mesothelial cell tumor didnt show up on CT or MRIs what if I have more?


Islandmama- that's a question we all ask ourselves before another scan. Have you been able to get a straight answer from your new doctor's? I bet you're tired, especially with worrying so much. Can you still get out and walk some? It might help a bit.
Maybe call your pulmonologist and talk to her about your concerns. Maybe get more answers.

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