Memory loss, but always hope of a great outcome

Posted by Lisa @techi, Aug 26, 2018

Since my first brain injury in 1997 l started watching wheel of fortune to help with spelling and problem solving. I still watch it. My family knows when it comes on l just shut everything down except the program. Then l went back to college now that was hard but the Lord was just wouldn't let me give up. It took about 7yrs to get a 2yr degree and after graduating and ready to take my certification and began helping people with therapy then l got knocked down again. But l Thank God for all the bad days and good days because it makes me trust and search more for his word. Then l was in church and tired of my memory loss. I was always intimidated in school because l was one of the oldest in class and all the younger students knew more. Only in classwork but not life and going through an illness like mines. So l asked the Lord please give me my memory back. When l told the doctors l got my memory back they thought l was insane. I told them God answered my prayers and gave me my memory back. Now l had a few that believed me and even at the mayo clinic some doctors also believed it but it seems a little mind blowing because usually people with memory problems as long as 19yrs don't get there memory back. Now l do lots of word games like wordscape, mahjong vocabulary builders pictoword and when l really want to challenge myself sudoku. Now that's a challenger. One time l was able to play it with no problem. I taught myself and then showed my husband but now l have to do it at least 3times a week to keep up with the game and how to play it. And l read my bible, listen to Christian music and TV. And l am learning what we want we have to speak it out and not excepting what going on to continue. I know a doctor said l will have to take lactulose for my liver forever. Now that could be true but l am not believing that and l will not except what he says. And also l have a mental issue well l didn't except that for years. And when l went to the mayo clinic they ruled that out. Now some doctors may not believe that because it is on my records but they even see that's not correct. In so many illness some of the symptoms are like a person with mental tendency and it can also be an allergic reaction. That's why l know for me l had to be my own advocate and learn as much as l can. And l feel that my illness is not a curse but a blessing because l can help someone else. And l am going to take my test to show others not to give up. Because everyone has something going on others worst then someone else but we can all overcome our challenges.

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Hi there, @techi. It is late, but if you are anything like me at all, you might not check all your postings until morning. Your story could 've been mine! But until I read your story, can you believe it had not occurred to me to ask God to help me recover my thinking abilities?
I listen to faith building, inspiring, empowering Christian music every day. I have witnessed with my own eyes healings that doctors could not explain. I pray every day for other people.
But I had a head injury some years ago. The doctor in the er said I was fine. But he didnt do an MRI. And I never asked for one.
But I did get chiropractic care for several years, because x-rays showed that the bones in my spinal column were bent unnaturally at an angle. I'd received corrective care for years.

But still no MRI or other tests. I will be making an appointment with my physician to rule out the worst case scenarios. I have missed too many appointments, mixed up too many dates, and forgotten too many important things. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you!


@mamacita When l first had my brain injury l thought God was punishing me. I was young and had 5 young children. I just got a job with the state l had worked there before but left for dumb reason. I only had 1 more month to go and l would have been vested in and couldn't be fired. After going through speech therapy, m uh therapist asked if l could be in a quiet place and then go back into the public eye. The supervisor agreed and it never happened instead they wanted to send me back to my old position. And after my probation they wanted me to upgrade to a new position. I had only been at the position for a month and then l hzd my brain injury. Then when l first got saved l remember l always like to read about JOB. Then l was let go of my position because of my disability and l thought that was wrong since they never retrained me and l was given a new computer l never worked on. So l know God wasn't punishing me, l just got closer to have him and l have more faith. The doctors don't like when l tell them things they should know but God helped to do research and when l give them the information they really want to change my diagnoses and say l am depressed or have conversion disorder. And now when l went to the mayo clinic and they said l was misdiagnosed now they are saying they don't believe the diagnosis the mayo clinic has given me. But l listen to Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince. I listen to Christian music read my bible and l don't let anyone discourage me or say ru things that l know is not correct. I have read on the mayo clinic about different disease that fit my symptoms and found out l had autoimmune encephalitis and now l have encephalopathy. I was just really discharged with cirrhosis from my encephalopathy which l was never told that by the mayo clinic or my gastroenterologist that first did my biopsy. So just don't give up and l had test like PET to show if you have dementia, a 4hr memory test and MRI, CT scans so many other test just to find out thru prayer my memory is fine but the doctors who have made up in there mind about the diagnosis that come back normal it all in my head will never change but l know it's miracle. And l know with autoimmune encephalitis you will have symptoms of psychosis and other mental issues but you have no mental illness. And l also know sometimes we go through things we don't understand but what we go through it can always help someone else. And there is a book out about health, pain and these are by Christian medical doctors who talk about the foods we eat and what foods we should or not for different illnesses. Because back in the day we didn't take all these meds and didn't have all these different sickness. I will be definitely praying for you.

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