Mayo Clinic Patient Portal: How do I find it?

Posted by packgb19 @packgb19, Fri, Nov 15 1:12pm

I was told I can check my appt.s in the Mayo Portal, how do I get there.

Hello @packgb19! Yes, the quickest and easiest way to check your appointments, and communicate with your providers is by signing up for patient online services and by downloading The Mayo Clinic app on your smart phone. You can signup by following the instructions below;
Otherwise you can call 507-538-3879 or 877-858-0398 for assistance.

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Hi @packgb19, Indeed you can check your appointments in Mayo Clinic patient portal, called Patient Online Services. And so much more.
– See your records and results as fast as your clinician does.
– Manage your appointments with updated schedules and instructions.
– Handle your bills more quickly and simply.
– Refill subscriptions
– etc.

Here is the link to the patient portal where you can create an account.
You can also access this information on the Mayo Clinic app from your phone. Learn more about the app and download it here:

I'm confident other members like @rosemarya @jenniferhunter @johnbishop @roch may have more to add.
Let me know if you have any questions @packgb19


@packgb19 — I like being able to add my Mayo appointments to my iPhone calendar and also being able to check-in electronically and have the scan code copied into your Wallet so when you go to check in (at the desks that have the patient check-in stations) you can display the scan code on your phone and put it up to the scanner and bingo you all checked in and can take a seat. It's a bonus also to be able to see your test results on your phone or computer as soon as they are entered in the system and made available.


Helpful tips, thanks for sharing!:-)


I can access my patient portal from my computer, and via my iphone in the APP. I like the ability to have almost immediate access to my results. The iphone APP is easy to take to my local doctors if they have questions about any medications or records. I can send messages and questions to my medical team, and they respond to me – that is especially good for me because I live nearly 800 miles away from Mayo Rochester. I can also update my records and fill out my pre-visit questionaires on the portal.
The App has some extra features that I like to use. One is a daily update feature that includes 5 or 6 easy read health tips and items of interest. There is a search link, too.


I absolutely LOVE my Mayo Patient Portal. I live 5 hours away, but with this portal, it feels like Mayo Clinic is right next door.

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