Mayo Clinic's Fibromyalgia Clinic

Posted by Flower Lady @flowerlady, Apr 6, 2012

Has anyone been to the Fibromyalgia Clinic at Mayo? My 21 year old daughter is scheduled to go in May and we are wondering if anyone found it helpful? My daughters fibro is very severe and so far the medications we have tried have not helped.

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I was giving the book 'The Pain Survival Guide, How To Reclaim Your Life. Written by Dr Dennis Turk.
It helps me. I was first diagnosed in 2003. Way back when no one believed in Fibromyalgia. The University of Washington did a research study and I was pick among the first 100 patients studied and followed for 10 years. I still use the methods they taught me. It's worth a read. A whole mind and body approach. Mostly knowing you body and it's limits. Exercise but resting in between. Yoga to stretch every muscle in your body. Trying not to be hard on yourself for your "Fybro days" and helping your family understand your limitations. Good luck.


I also used music therapy. It's louder than the pain. But something you enjoy and makes you happy. Walking with my dog, playing Legos with my grandson. Things that shut off the pain for a while so you can get some relief. Art of any kind is good. Stress is really bad for fibromyalgia. Nothing makes me hurt more so try to alleviate it when you can.

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