Mayo Clinic's Fibromyalgia Clinic

Posted by Flower Lady @flowerlady, Apr 6, 2012

Has anyone been to the Fibromyalgia Clinic at Mayo? My 21 year old daughter is scheduled to go in May and we are wondering if anyone found it helpful? My daughters fibro is very severe and so far the medications we have tried have not helped.

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Hi Darcy, welcome to Connect. Here is information about the Pain Rehabilitation Clinic at Mayo Clinic’s 3 campuses: Florida, Arizona and Minnesota You can call to find out more information and to schedule an appointment
Additionally, I hope that fellow members like @dawn_giacabazi @edriaragosin and @pheefoe will share their experiences at Mayo’s Pain Rehab Clinic.

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– fibromyalgia pain
Darcy, how does fibromyalgia affect you?


I’m scheduled for it on Monday. I was diagnosed back in 1997 and have tried ever med, pt and even thearpy possible but I’m trying to stay positive. Any one had any helpful recommendations for this clinic?

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I agree Lyrica wasn't a good medicine for me Dr.put me on Cymbalta and what a difference It helps me plus I use Fibro Malic


I went through Mayo’s Fibromyalgia Clinic about 3+ years ago. My condition has become more chronic, and sometimes overwhelming. I have tried the three FDA approved meds, without much success What is the latest information on this syndrome? Would there be any advantage if I revisited your Clinic? Thank you.

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Hi @ @nancywandamoore I see you posted about 2 years ago. If you are still posting on the Mayo Fibro board, did you gain weight on Lyrica? Thank you, Regards Dorie


Hi, newby here…..I have recently been diagnosed (kinda sorta) with fibromyalgia by Mayo in Jacksonville, FL. The pain doctor there suggested a 3 week in-patient "study", diagnosis testing or whatever…..they would take me off all meds, run daily tests, etc. Wondering if anyone else has done this? Thanks for any info you can give me on it.


Have not been to clinic , which Mayo campus is it located

My suggestion is, the more support you can give her he better, soo many people don’t believe us and this creates more stress and suffering

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