Mayo Clinic pulmonology Jacksonville FL

Posted by pal131 @pal131, Dec 14, 2021

I have an appointment with Dr. Baig at Jacksonville. Have any of you had any experience with him? I have MAC, bronchiectasis and asthma. What should I expect, do you think that he will have other ideas other than the 3 or (4) drug program the most pulmonogists put you on?

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Sharon, I feel the same way as you. Two appts ago, I had only a lung function test and none of the others that I used to get. I had wondered if it was due to cutbacks, or possibly not enough drs for all of the patients? Is it possible that covid has worn done everybody? Perhaps the medical profession is tired of dealing with all of the sickness. I also wonder if the Mayo feels like it's losing its roots as a research institution and becoming more of a routine care kind of place. I dunno. It def does not run as the well oiled machine that it once did.

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Hi Terry..that’s disappointing to hear, especially with major lung issues right now for you..will they give you a yearly low density CT Scan and a sputum culture❤️🙏🏻

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