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Posted by endyyyB @endyadbrooks, Apr 22 10:32am

I have an appointment for evaluation with the Hematology department at the MAYO clinic in AZ. It’s scheduled for around 3 p.m. in May. I am traveling to AZ from NV for the appointment. I do not have any official diagnosis but my platelets are elevated/ fluctuating and ANA is also elevated. No confirmed lupus. Originally I planned on flying out the same day but My PCP told me that I should at least stay one extra day. She also said that they would run tests until they were able to diagnose or come up with some sort of treatment plan. Is this the case? Or will they schedule me for more appointments in which I will have to fly out at a later date? I just want to make sure I give myself ample time and get a hotel if needed.

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Hi @endyadbrooks, you're wise to prepare for multiple scenarios. Here are some related discussions where Mayo patients have asked similar questions and gotten helpful tips from patients who have been there.

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It is possible that you may need to extend your stay. You can work with your doctors if you prefer to extend your stay or return. You can also contact Mayo Clinic Concierge Services for hotel recommendations and learn about Mayo patient discounts. Hotels serving Mayo Clinic patients are often very accommodating when people need to change their bookings for longer or shorter. Here's the contact information:

Mayo Clinic Concierge Services
Phone: 507-538-8438

I also recommend setting up your account with the patient portal. Members offer tips about that too:
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Have you downloaded the patient portal app?

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