New to Internal Med: How do further referrals work? What to expect?

Posted by kaf80 @kaf80, May 19 11:05am

My dad will be seeing internal med early morning 7/7. He has Parkinson’s and Ulcerative Colitis as his primary dx. Is it at that appt that we will learn of additional referrals? He is anxious and I would like to give them as much information as I can in regards to what to expect and how to book his hotel.

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Yes, the internal medicine dr at mayo will arrange any necessary referrals to specialist necessary. The provider will order initial tests he/she may thing necessary , after seeing specialist, more test may be ordered.

Are you going to appointment with him? When he checks in they will ask if he wants to authorize anyone to his medical information. Mayo will not be able to talk to you about anything unless he fills out form. One form for each person he approves.

Here is form online:

Next, make sure he has Mayo Portal set up. Mayo probably sent you information about. That is best resource for any additional tests and referrals he will have.

Good luck


@kaf80, in addition to @roch's tips, I would also recommend contacting Mayo's Concierge Services. They provide a free service to help with arranging accommodation, transportation and much much more. They can also help your father set up his account on the patient portal. Here's how to contact them:

Concierge Services desk
Mayo Building (lobby level, in the International Center)
By phone 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday-Friday: 507-538-8438
Online form:

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