Manicure/Pedicure Safety

Posted by gaylea1 @gaylea1, Sep 22, 2018

I was wondering how safe it is to get a manicure or pedicure post transplant. I'm concerned if I get nicked with scissors it will bleed and I may be open to infection. I believe the spa I go to is very sterile but how can I be 100% sure. Has anyone had problems with this? Is it wise to continue?

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So until a month ago I would have said, "go for it" however one of my best friends has been hospitalized twice in the past month from an infection the docs think came from a pedicure. No more for me I'm out! Pretty harsh I know but it's been so rough on her and her family.


@jolinda thanks for confirming my fear. I don't feel so bad of my suspicions.


@gaylea1 Perhaps checking with the transplant team will help you answer this dilemma. There are so many little things we do not think about that may be different after surgery!


@gaylea1 I think it depends a lot on how clean the manicure/pedicure places are kept. I totally trust my nail tech. She is germ phobic herself and is pretty fanatical about everything. I have never had a problem with her and I have been going to her for a number of years. I believe most of the better places are good about this. I would not be comfortable with the less expensive ones. To me, it's worth the extra money.

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