Lyrica vs. Neurontin for nerve pain caused by cervical neck stenosis.

Posted by jeanmnyc @jeanmnyc, Mar 19, 2019

Hi All,

I am having problems with my treatment for ongoing cervical neck stenosis radiculopathy. I have the problem at the C5-C6, severe on the left side. I have been on 300 mg. of Neurontin for the past two mos. However this medication has been messing with my mental status. Also not good if want to try and lose wt.. which I have to. My current pain management Doctor is now refusing to do an epidural injection, claiming ti can cause some psychosis or mania?!! She now may want me to switch to Lyrica.. I have done research and Lyrica is pretty bad for major side effects, including major weight gain.. Neurontin even at a smaller dose makes me tired, kind of a zombie. It may have given me suicidal ideation. She now is suggesting Accupuncture, some PT. I have had this condition since January of last year. I thought it was just carpal tunnel syndrome. My Neuro, insisting I get the epidural and go on Lyrica. They are all driving me nuts.. She also suggested Tegretol. I am also switching antidepressants again.. now on a small dose of Viibrid. Was on Cymbalta, 20 mg. for the nerve pain, helped some.. bombed my GI tract. I am so sick of Doctors and their differing opinions at this time!! J.

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I have been on Lyrica for the past three yrs for the same condition as you. I had felt mentally slow for several months but this has gone away. It help reduce pain but not eliminated.. my Dr gave me an epidural once and I was pain free for 24hrs and then the pain returned. I do accupuncture from to
W to time. I am searching for something to keep me pain free.

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