Lymphocytic Colitis/Collagenous Colitis

Posted by mpratto @mpratto, Nov 30, 2016

I have been fighting Lymphocytic Cholitis for a long time and it is getting worse. I really need some advise on how to live with this.

I am not sure how much help I can give you. I have Irritable Bowel w/diarrhea as well as Lymphocytic Colitis. Because of the IBD, I can't eat a lot of green veggies – lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, artichoke to name a few. Beans, whole milk products (milk, ice cream & yogurt). Fried food, too much red meat the list goes on. Oddly enough, I am not skinny, although I was all through high school until my 50's. I try to eat smaller portions (so have to "lose" smaller amounts if it doesn't agree with me). I know it's frustrating but you really just have to use trial and error & give yourself a treat sometimes knowing the consequences. Hope this helps some.

@mpratto So sorry you are having trouble finding the right foods to eat. Can you contact your Dr's office and have him refer you to a dietician nutritionist? This way insurance should help cover the cost of visiting her.

After my surgery when they removed 1 foot of my colon. I had trouble eating for the longest time. It took quite awhile for my system to get back to normal. Everything I ate made me sicker than dog..

I went and saw a nutionalist ,and she gave me all kinds of options that actually worked. My local grocery store Publix has nutionalists. She even put together a shopping list. Went as far as, helping locate the food item in the store.

What a difference it made eating the right foods to help me heal better..

I wish you the best.

I have had Microscopic Colitis for over a decade now. Besides diet, taking Metamucil seems to help.

Welcome @riorita, and thanks for sharing your insight.
I thought you might also wish to view this discussion, about microscopic colitis on Connect.

According to this article from Mayo Clinic, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or celiac disease may cause microscopic colitis ; here’s additional information from the National Institute of Health

@riorita, do you also have an autoimmune condition?


I, too, have suffered for over 5 years with lymphocytic colitis, and nothing helps. I am seriously depressed, but don’t what comes ftirst “the chicken or the egg” @kristimotch

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Awwww … I hear you. Perhaps it's time for a second opinion? Is that a possibility? When I took Entocort a few years back I recall it too a couple or three months before things straightened out.


I was just diagnosed. Diet suggestions?

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Absolutely go gluten free and possibly lactose free.

I was just diagnosed. Diet suggestions?

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@shandar, @marciah, may I ask if you could share some more details? How are you managing the symptoms at present? Besides diet, does medication help? I look forward to hearing more from you.

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