Lupus Brain Fog

Posted by proudindian @proudindian, Jun 6, 2019

Anyone experience Lupus thinking? I get so confused sometimes. Trying to handle more than one crisis or situation at a time; sometimes threating. Overwhelmed

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I know I should take things one at a time , but when it is critical I don't have a choice


I know I should take things one at a time , but when it is critical I don't have a choice

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@proudindian while we wait for other members with lupus to share their experience with your question about lupus thinking, I found a few articles that may be helpful for dealing with the symptoms.

Lupus Brain Fog: What is it and how do you cope?
5 Strategies for Coping With Lupus-Associated Brain Fog
Brain Fog and Lupus

@paulamiddleton @WendyAnne @oohlalalita @petersen73 @dogmamat @salena54 @dmkmom04 @helloshelly7969 @kdubois @rayhastings @wmoser2613 @buttons @aimeenc, do you have any insight that you can share with @proudindian ?


Hi @proudindian you may have noticed I changed the name of this thread to "Lupus Brain Fog" so that more members can take part in the conversation on this topic.

That must be so frustrating to have this confusion occur when you are faced with a difficult choice where you need to think fast. I wanted to thank @johnbishop for responding to your post and also wanted to build upon his question for you while we wait for others to join in on the conversation.

What have you learned in those situations? What has worked for you? What hasn't?


@proudindian You're right, it can be pretty frustrating. I have both lupus and fibromyalgia, and there doesn't seem to be much difference between the two. Most days I am "firing on all cylinders", but others? Forget it. My husband doesn't understand this concept. Whenever possible try to think ahead of decisions you might have to make, so they are not "foreign" to you. When faced with making a fast decision, stall if possible. Repeat the question, take a break, go for a little walk, whatever stall tactic you can. If you are having a really bad day, be gentle on yourself. It's ok to tell those you trust, about your foggy this king issues. If they care fore you, they'll understand and help you along. I hope this helps you a bit, and that you do indeed tell what you find out works for you! We care.

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