Metastasized lung cancer, along with other cancers: 2nd opinion?

Posted by kjay @kjay, Jan 15, 2020

My husband has metastasized lung cancer, lymph node in groin that is cancer, bladder cancer that has been treated and untreated prostate cancer. The lung cancer has caused paraneoplastic syndrome which has been treated. Slow in getting pathology reports Should I bring him to Mayo and quit waiting for treatment here?

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That’s what I did! Waited for couple weeks and than went to Mayo.


Hi @kjay, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Members often recommend getting a second opinion at a center of excellence, such as Mayo, MGH, Duke and others. I'm tagging fellow @merpreb @schmeeckle64 @burrkay @donnalb @nicee @lisamb @liz8716 and @2onlow8, who can share their experiences along with @richcolleen. Here are some other discussions you may wish to read:

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Kjay, your husband's situation seems complex given the multiple cancers and treatments. Mayo certainly excels in complex cases. Should you wish to seek a second opinion at Mayo, here are the contact numbers:

Do you know if your husband has small cell or non-small cell lung cancer?


I don’t and the biopsy after broncoscopy was large enough so has to have major surgery for another biopsy

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