Chest X-Ray Results: What does it show?

Posted by goldie93 @goldie93, Oct 17, 2020


Does anyone know what the highlighted areas of these Xray results are?

Thank you.

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Hi @goldie93, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can imagine that you are concerned about areas you've highlighted on your chest x-ray. What they indicate is something only your doctor or radiologist can answer.

When was the x-ray taken? Have you had a chance to meet with your doctor to discuss the results? Do you have access to an online patient portal where you can leave a message for your doctor or care team?


Goldie, If you can log onto your "portal" as Colleen has suggested, you should be able to read the radiologist's report. It should give you a general idea of the findings. You should receive a report directly from the doctor ordering the x-ray. Good luck. If you haven't set up you account, ask you provider's office for instructions.


Thank you for your reply @colleenyoung, the date of examination was the 17/10/2020 as displayed on the Xray overlays. The patient portal does feature a report option, however result information won't be available till the 31st of October.

I will visit my doctor for his analysis on the result, but that won't be till Monday, Only asked to see if anyone would have any expertise on this topic, just to get an idea of what to expect in the meantime.

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Thank you for both of your feedback.


@goldie93- I'd also like to welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. We aren't able to read your Xrays because we are patients helping other patients and have limited "technical" abilities. I know that it is very hard to wait for X-ray and scan results. My husband has another CT scan coming up in a couple of weeks and he's very tense! I am a 23-year lung cancer survivor and I still get very tense before I have my follow-up scans.

I also encourage you to set-up an account through a patient portal when you see your doctor. If this is indeed lung cancer then you will need to have access to your results and other services that a patient portal provides.

What was the reason that you had a chest X-ray? What are your symptoms?

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