Low grade fevers with flu-like symptoms

Posted by robynmar @robynmar, Aug 20, 2017

Has anyone had intermittent low grade fevers (under 99 degrees) with flu-like symptoms of chills and body aches? Mine last about 2 hours and sometimes I have two or more@ during the day. These low grade fevers are a symptom of MAC, but my MAC is quiescent and other bacteria (Proteus, etc) have been treated with Bactrin and Cipro. These fevers knock me out. I would guess that there is some underlying infection somewhere as the antibiotics suppress them. My doctors seem unfamiliar with them. The options are to wait and see or start multidrug therapy which is not appealing. robynmar

I’m answering my own question: fever and chills is a symptom of bronchiectasis. I have been through 2 cycles of antibiotics and am symptom free! Even the low grade fever is gone. I’m enjoying my new health and can only hope that it stays. robynmar

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