Losing Time?

Posted by MGMolly @Erinmfs, Mar 23, 2019

I was interviewing and touring a care facility yesterday, and in describing myself, the nurse said well, you're losing Time. I can forget entirely a day, just one example is I showed up for church services Monday morning, and I can't remember Sunday. Has anyone else experience d this?

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@user_chdb5e8ac Yes. One Sunday when I was still working I said something happened yesterday. Everyone else insisted it happened Friday. I said, "Where did Saturday go?" Now if I lose time no one notices because I'm home alone. It is confusing and somewhat scarey, isn't it?


I’ve lost hours to decades but it was from seizures. I still lose time but I believe it’s from lack of sleep, concentration and medication.
Hope you soon find the answer to what is causing your memory issues,

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