Losing Sleeping Pills

Posted by lsittll @lsittll, Sep 30 10:26pm

One night I was taking my Ambien while I had a migraine. I dropped pills at the time. The next day I found them strewn over the bathroom floor and some in the sink that had disintegrated. I lost 6 pills. Ambien is a controlled substance and there are no refills left on my prescription. I can only bite a pill in half in order to survive til my medication can be refilled. Because I have taken the medication for about 8 years my body has developed a sense of dependence on it. It is horrible trying to fall asleep at night. There is nothing I hate more at night than not being able to fall asleep. My social worker knows the story and she knows my psychiatric nurse practitioner but I don't think there is absolutely any way I can get extra pills even though my insurance would override the prescription, (It overrides a prescription once a year).

Hi @lsittll, Not being able to fall asleep can definitely cause more anxiety. It is very common for people to "lose time" and not remember exactly what happened when taking ambien. I speak from personal experience. Sometimes, you can even wake up and take a pill in the middle of the night without knowing it. At least you can account for what happen to the 6 pills.

Normally a pharmacy will fill a script up to 2 days prior for that particular medication.

Have you asked your physician to go ahead and call in the RX to see what day it can be filled?


Hello @amandaburnett I have not asked my doctor to do anything because I know the pharmacy will give her problems. It will only give me ambien every 30 days no ifs and or buts. It refuses to give it to me until after it has gone through with my insurance. I will call Cigna and explain the matter to it. It will have the say over the pharmacy to get me any pills. Tomorrow I speak with my doctor. I'll call Cigna too.

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