After heart surgery. Looking for answers to stay alive.

Posted by miracleman @miracleman, Feb 28, 2020

I’ve had open heart surgery 3 times. I have 11 stents in my heart and am feeling lucky. Looking for ways to stay alive. I’m 61 years old.

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Cardio Rehab is definitely strengthening me after ope heart surgery 4 months ago. It’s a great program and place to go during this quarantine.


@pha2340840 I am definitely in agreement with you. For me Cardio Rehab was not only a great physical help in knowing how to work out safely but also mentally. Since my days of frequent heart arrhythmias I had a fear even after my Heart Transplant that I was going to have another one. Having the staff watching my heart rate gave me a lot of confidence that working out would not cause another heart problem. And now being a couple of years post it's been much easier to see that I really had nothing to worry about.
Have a Blessed Day


Cardio Rehab is terrific. The caring medical staff know how far to push you at a safe pace. All good. Glad you’re doing so well.

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