Long-Haul Covid Research Myocarditis

Posted by sdrennan @sdrennan, Aug 13 11:46am

Is there any opportunity to join a long-haul covid research? I am 49yo male , I had covid at the end of January-beginning of February this year 2022. Since covid, i had a DVT turned PE end of March, then followed on and off tachycardia. (note i used to be a 4x week gym and jiu jitsu person) since Mid-June – mid July, chest pains increased to point of having an "event" that landed me in the E.D multiple times with tachycardia and stroke like symptoms, i was stroke protocolled, found to have no stroke (i have been on xarelto since the blood clot and pe) and told my heart function was okay according to enzymes. My troponin was slightly elevated 6 then 10 which falls withing the normal <35 they use. I saw a cardiologist recently who ordered a cardiac MRI which found i have Myocarditis. I am very limited now with activity, i can barely mow my lawn or walk around the block. It is also effecting my work abilities. ANY Helpful thoughts, input, feedback, to get in to research of me would be appreciated. THANK YOU

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Welcome, @sdrennan. I can't imagine how distressing this must be. You may wish to connect with other members like @suemadel03. See this related discussion.
– Anyone experience elevated troponin with COVID? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/elevated-troponin/

At this time, Mayo post-COVID studies are only recruiting patients who are being seen at Mayo Clinic post-COVID clinics. If you are a patient being seen in Mayo Clinic's post-COVID clinics and would like to participate in research, please email postCovidRSCH@mayo.edu. Or call Mayo Clinic clinical trials to inquire about eligibility at 800-664-4542 (toll-free).

I can imagine that this affects your life and ability to work. Are you being seen at a post-COVID care specialty clinic?

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