Long COVID and gluten sensitivity

Posted by ansimp231 @ansimp231, Aug 13 8:49pm

So we got COVID twice within just about 5 months. The first time was bad. The second we were mostly asymptomatic. Since the second infection my 8 year old has gotten terrible stomach cramps every time she ate. Finally got her pulled off gluten, and since then only a few issues, and they were with heavy lactose foods, which we went ahead and cut as well. All fine since then.
Has anyone else had the same issue? Are you still going through it? Have your symptoms lessened at all? We're still waiting to see GI, the waiting time is so long. And her Dr has been helping as much as she can, but we just don't know what to expect anymore. This has been going on since January 22 for reference on time.

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Welcome, @ansimp231. You must be so worried about your young daughter. @jlsn1016 and @smtoia have also mentioned gluten sensitivity and going gluten and dairy free.

Dr. Van, post COVID specialist, Mayo Clinic wrote this blog post and GI issues and COVID:
– A Gut Feeling: Long COVID and GI symptoms https://connect.mayoclinic.org/blog/post-covid-recovery/newsfeed-post/a-gut-feeling-long-covid-and-gi-symptoms/

Wait times are long everywhere for every specialty. I hope she gets to see a GI specialist soon!


I have 2 sons who had Covid twice. The 15 yr old had the 2nd round in January and shortly after starting have stomach pain and constant nausea along with some anxiety. The 11 ur old had Covid the 2nd time in May and had had pain and nausea since then. They both also have severe constipation. We have done blood work, X-rays and a scope. The scope showed some gastritis. Everything else was normal. They are off of dairy and gluten now for about 5 weeks. Traditional medicines did not help at all so now we are trying some natural supplements and are waiting for stool test results. They do take something for the constipation daily which does help. We all are so frustrated. They constantly are sick.

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