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Hello Everyone,

I thought you might be interested in viewing this video by Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist and medical oncologist, Dr. Frank Sinicrope, M.D., about Lynch syndrome:
– Understanding Lynch Syndrome


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Having been diagnosed with 2 cancers myself within 2 weeks time span. I completely understand the toll it takes on us mentally.
It takes some time to get through the initial SHOCK . I know I went into shock. I couldn't believe what I was being told. Especially since I had zero symptoms. It took a while o go through the Shock stage.
Then I went through the How could this happen stage? I went searching for answers. Thinking about everything I did in life, and everything I put in my mouth. Trying to figure out, what the hell, could I have done to cause me to get 2 cancers. I became obsessed searching for answers. I think I wore myself out doing this? I still have no answers just possible causes.
Then I went to the acceptance stage.Now what would be my best course, to keep these cancers under my control? Do I change my eating habits? Do I work out more? What can I change in my lifestyle to keep me non systematic?
This is the hardest stage for me. Cause I think about how I was before cancer ? I only had 2 bad habits Coffee, and an on and off smoker. I was always watching what I ate before cancer. I worked out 4 days a week. Lifted weights. I was not a junk food eater.
Going through these stages drains you mentally.
It has been slow going getting back to normal, Talking to others like me on Mayo Connect has helped me a lot to calm down. I think also time has helped me to realize I'm going to be Ok.
I try and do things that make me happy. .
Worrying and Stressing over the fact that I have Cancer is draining..
You need get involved go out be around people. Try and take walks and enjoy the little things in life.
I know I find myself doing things I never dreamed of.
Mayo Clinic describes what it takes to cure people.
Without Faith there is No Hope and without Hope there are NO Cures to heal.
We all need to Keep Faith which give us Hope, and Hope will Heal us .
This will give us the ability to be Cancer Warriors, of which we already are.. 🙂
God Bless you All…

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Hi Jackie. Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting post and, for me personally, grounding and calming post. I’ve been freaking out recently, as well as going through the stages of bereavement in record time! Having completed treatment for HER2 Positive breast treatment 3 months ago, on 14 February I received a colon cancer diagnosis. After glancing around my consultant’s office in search of a punching bag (unfortunately none!), I asked “what were the odds of that happening?” Apparently, it’s sheer coincidence and bad luck; totally unrelated to my breast cancer. Thankfully, it hasn’t spread to my liver or lungs. However, I won’t know until after my resection surgery on 14 March whether or not the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and if I’ll have to undergo chemo. Having faith, and fingers crossed, that it hasn’t and I won’t 😊. I beat the breast cancer and I can beat the colon cancer 🤗!


I am so happy my post was uplifting and encouraging for you. When I write on here I do hope that others find my story inspiring and it helps them.
I absolutely understand the feelings you been having. I been there and done that. I never hyperventilated in my life expect for the day I was told I had cancer. So get what you are going through. It takes time to realize you are not dying and its a bad disease that we have to fight and try to cure.

Has your Dr mentioned having you tested for Lynch syndrome? You may want to have them test you for that? I was tested I do not have it. Lynch Syndrome can cause us to get more than one cancer. If you are positive Doctors will watch you like a hawk..

Where is your colon cancer located? Have you had a Pet Scan?

When I had my Pet scan the only area that lit up, was the area where my lymphoma was found. They removed my Cecum with a total of 12 inches of my colon. Plus 20 lymph nodes. The lymph nodes were clean of colon cancer but did have some lymphoma cancer cells.

The resection surgery was not bad. Easier than when I had a partial hysterectomy a few years prior.

Can you keep me posted on how your surgery goes? If you have any questions, or need some uplifting words of encouragement. I am here please send me a message.

I will be praying all goes well for you, and your surgery is a success.

God Bless you my friend,


My father started with Colorectal stage 2 cancer in Jan 2018. Then he went through chemo & radiation which shrinked the size to 5% remaining, so he was cauterized for the remaining part which didn't help. So APR Colostomy successfully was performed on Aug 2018. From Sept 2018 – Jan 2019, he was going through Chemo. But then, on Jan 23 2019, PET CT full body revealed metastatic skeletal lesions.
Anyone experienced colorectal cancer spreading to bones and surviving for more years than predicted? What was the treatment plan followed?
Any special diet which can be followed or any homeopathy or ayurvedic treatment?

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