List for POST op diet

Posted by cora2022 @cora2022, Sep 20 2:32pm

I’ve been trying to be proactive and prepared so I have picked up the following items for POST op-
Gas X
Stool softener
Heating pad
Ice packs
Milk of magnesia
Protein drinks – prepared
Isopure – 3 different flavors in bags
Food scale
2oz cups for drinking all fluids right after surgery
Cream of wheat
Then …. 2 different deodorants since they say we will change our “body smell” SO I got Dove and Secret Clinical

Any other thoughts or items I should have?
Anything NOT good that I picked up already ?
I live in a small town and will be on my own and this is why I have prepped ahead of time.

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Maybe overcounted pain medications.
Can you have chicken broth on post op diet?

Few books to read, anything to keep from getting bored. I crocheted.

And based of previous comment, enough dog food.

Also, I add some Liquid I.V. to my water. Ask your care team if that is OK. It helps with my hydration. I did not use post surgery, did not know about then.

Do you have any at home COVID tests. Just incase you start having symptoms you can take a test and rule out COVID. You probably will not be exposed to COVID, but it is good idea. I have few in my house just incase. I had friend who recently thought had cold and did not have any tests. When she did get tested, she had COVID. I always keep few test at home. Only have used once, and luckily it was negative.



Do you recommend liquid over the counter ? Or normal capsules and such? Tylenol only ?
Great idea about dog food … I’ll buy that just before the surgery and they will be good for a month-40 lb bag of course ! LOL
What is Liquid IV ? I’ll ask about it just curious about what it is and where I get it.
Thanks again !


Good question about Tylenol liquid or capsule. Liquid might be good idea, but after my surgery I continued to take my meds that were pills. I think someone once said if smaller then size of pencil eraser, it was OK. Smaller the better.

Liquid IV, was suggested to me by someone at Mayo endocrinology to help with fatigue. It is electrolyte drink mix, sort of like Pedialyte. I buy at Costco, also sold online at Amazon. I found if use entire packet it is to strong tasting for me, so use portion of packet.



Wow… guess I better start getting my supplies!!! Thanks for the list!!

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