Lipo-Flavonoid for ringing in ears

Posted by peggyn @peggyn, Jun 28, 2019

Hello, I'm new hear, but am on some of the other groups. I have had this ringing in my ears for several weeks, sort of like crickets,.. Someone in one of the groups said they took lipo Flavonoid for this and It helped. them..I that time I didn't need it.., Has anyone here ever tried it and if so did it help.. What have you tried that helped.??

@peggyn Welcome Peggy I,ve had TINNITUS a long time and I use Lipo Flavonoid yes it helps but takes along time ,not an overnight cure I found for me dairy is my culprit So journal and see what food maybe making it worse


Thank you so much for your reply.. There are several different kinds of Lipo Flavonoid on amazon.. Which one did you use??
I had this about a year ago and it finally went away, but it is bothering me more now.. I sort of assumed it had something to do with neuropathy.


@peggyn I just bought mine through Vitacost it's just Lipo Flavonoid plus. Says Ear ringing on it


@peggyn, how is the ringing in your ears? You may find these discussions on Connect useful:
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