Lingering dry cough

Posted by alfrethllh @alfrethllh, May 11, 2020

All the symptoms I had are gone except a lingering dry cough which is very bothersome and am reluctant to even return to work becoz of that. Been coughing for a month now.No end in sight. Does anyone know of any remedy for a lingering Covid 19 cough ?

Hello @alfrethllh, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Were you tested for COVID-19? Since it's been going on for a month, I would really discuss it with your doctor. Here are a few articles that may be helpful that mention a dry cough:

What to do if you suspect COVID-19:
Mayo Clinic Q and A: Combating allergies, asthma during COVID-19:

There are also some home remedies that may help if it's not related to COVID-19:
12 natural cough remedies – Medical News Today:

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