Lichen planus

Posted by firelady @firelady, Sep 2, 2012

I was diagnosed about two yrs ago with lichen planus an auto imune disease they say it is very rare and not contagious yet my younger brother has it also. I have the skin lichen planus as well as oral lichen planus which affects my gums, cheeks, and tongue. It is very , very painful. I had a very large back surgery in April and I got lichen planus sores on my back as a result of the trauma from surgery my incision that is twenty inches long healed but my sores from lichen planus are still open. I don’t know how to get them to heal and right now I have just developed an outbreak in my mouth. The pain is so deep in the nerves that I feel like my teeth are going to explode and I can feel my pulse under my teeth. I can’t explain the pain and I am begging for someone to tell me if they found anything that helps with the pain. Also I never heard of lichen planus , what can I expect from this disease? How often will I have outbreaks? will it ever go away? Should I have my teeth pulled out or will dentures make it even worse? Not too many doctors seem to know much if anything about this auto imune disease.

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Sounds like you have Lichen Planus of the skin. If your surgeon cannot help you ( and he certainly should try) try your primary doctor. If not Perhaps a skin doctor ( dermatologist) As for you mouth.. apparently you may have Oral Lichen , I have had both as well. The oral Lichen Planus I have is still bugging me and of course has flares that is very painful. I know how you feel. I have been seeing a Dental Pathologist at a nearby college. She has been helping me to relieve some of the pain and redness. I am taking a gel called Fluocinomide 0.5% gel and I use it 2 x s day. I also have Lozenges called Clotrimazole 10MG which I let melt in my mouth 4 xs a day. I use only Biotene Toothpaste ( gentle mint only it has a green bottom) I would advice you to see your immediate doctors or write to WEB MD on the net. There is a group called Oral Lichen Planus. I wish I could help you more. I can only say a prayer for your suffering. As we all do. OLP does not go away anytime soon. It will come and go perhaps with flares,. Do be careful what you eat and keep a diary of what bothers you most. I find spicy, overly hot, like soup. coffee too hot. A lot of fruits I love I cannot eat anymore. Good luck and blessing coming your way. Hang in there. It can get better.

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