Lexapro 15mg->10mg Timeline 1month 2 weeks already

Posted by anonymouses @anonymouses, Nov 4 12:10am

Hello, I went off of 15mg to 10mg a month and a half ago and I feel like absolute shit. I am very sensitive to medication. I was wondering what the timeline looks like for tapering from 15mg to 10mg. Is this the best that I can be at(am I fully tapered)? I feel totally disconnected from myself and unreal most of the time unless I'm focusing on something which makes me feel distracted. I have GAD and MDD. Anyone can you please share your experiences or what you know?

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Two things, one month and a half ago and you are still feeling adverse side effects. You are also very sensitive to medications. Your timeframe for tapering off may have to be extended. I am also sensitive to medications. Keep a running tab on the symptoms and side effects you are experiencing. It is not just enough to feel like "shit" you must be specific. Are you feeling anxious? Are you feeling unnecessarily angry? Your body may need more time to adjust to a lower dosage. because you are sensitive to meds you can not go by the timeline that someone who has no sensitivity to meds might have or someone who has been taking the same medication for a shorter length of time. You do not say you are doing this with the monitoring of your physician; if so, inform your physician of the symptoms you are experiencing so far.

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