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Legs Cramps and head pressure

Posted by @newbie64, Oct 6, 2011

I have searched the internet and haven’t been able to find anything that shows the exact symptoms I’m having. Let me begin by saying I have a degenerated disc at L5. Recently my back went out, with spasms and pain. I began having some pain down my right leg. My chiropractor has gotten me back to normal but I am left with leg cramps. They only occur after I stand up after sitting for a while. It takes about 5-10 seconds but then the cramps start in the backs of my legs, top to bottom, almost like charley horses. At the same exact time, I get a feeling like blood rushing to my head. My head and ears feel full and I can even hear my heart beat in my head. It feels like a pressure, centering more around my ears and sides of my throat. Then after about a minute the cramps subside and the head fullness goes away at the same time. I really hope someone else has experienced this. My chiropractor says the lower back issue will cause the leg “cramps” that are really the nerves. But, it can’t cause what is happening in my head. I do know that if it were really charley horses in my legs, my muscles would be sore. I’ve had charley horses before. But, my legs muscles are not sore, so I’m tending to believe that it is nerves running down my legs. I also wonder if it’s a vascular thing.



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Posted by @lo, Oct 11, 2011

You need to see a neurologist I have heard of this but I can’t remember the name.

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Posted by @alexsimon, Oct 14, 2011

Hi Newbie –
As we cannot diagnose or provide treatment options online if you’re interested in traveling to a Mayo Clinic campus for an evaluation, click on the “Request an Appointment” button at the top of the page. I would also encourage you to search through our vast pages of educational information on Thank you!

Sar Shalom

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Posted by @sarshalom, Nov 3, 2011

I had terrible leg and feet cramps until a year ago, I am 64 yrs. old/look about 50/55 due to taking care of myself- I never had children, Iget enough sleep, no cigarettes, no liquor, except maybe now I take a glass of wine -when I think of it in the evening,sweet wine-not to sweet, and exercise alot.
I found that I had iron deficiency anemia- I could feel pain in my legs because when I pinch the calves of my legs they hurt alot so I got on a megadose of iron pills-Spring Valley from Walmart- I take 5 – 65 mgs, daily-when I think about it-, along with 3 pills each of 400 mg x3magnesium- Spring Valley- from Walmart on a full stomach///It has been almost a year now of self therapy and the leg cramps are ceasing/except for there is still some pain in my calves but no where as painful as it use to be. The magnesium pills, I think work perfect together with the iron pills-so that is why I keep taking both.. A Rabbi’s wife @ our synogogue told me she takes Magnesium everyday that is why I started on them. I found she was right. I mean her therapy was right for me.//////// My blood test results had always come back anemic but doctors never told me that it was related to leg cramps and never suggested iron therapy for iron deficiency anemia. Finally after all my life suffering from it, I was desperate to try something! I praise G-d my legs are stronger and much less painful. Plus, I couldn’t work jobs where I had to stand on my feet all my life because my legs were weak and so painful.
I don’t believe this therapy is for everybody; maybe a few-only if you have iron deficency anemia. I am not a doctor, or even a Registered Nurse. I hope and pray I have helped somebody.

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