Leg swelling

Posted by devineone @devineone, Sep 3, 2018

Does anyone who has ALAmy have leg swelling. We are not sure if the leg swelling is from fluid build up due to kidney failure or Amy or combination. We will going for a pleural effusion tomorrow due to fluid build up around the lungs but this will probably not help the legs we hope to get some answers.

@devineone I have and have had leg and foot swelling on both sides for the last few years. various medicos have told me everything from "This is very bad" to "This is nothing. Wait till it gets worse". So two things. Keep feet and legs elevated as high as you can. And keep moving as best you can, even with your feet and legs up. My current worst problem in this area is that my right foot swells so much I can barely get my shoe on.


Yes I have a lot of edema. My nephrologist said it’s due to the Amy proteins that damage the kidney. The kidney leaks out ingested protein into urine so blood protein is low. This causes oncotic pressure to draw out fluids into tissues.


@crissy2450 Yup, you have a good nejphrologist. Mine says this doesn't mean anything, so ignore it! PPPHHHHHTTTTT!!!!!

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