Left Tonsil Swollen

Posted by tlhuckins @tlhuckins, Dec 23, 2020


I am posting because I am scared, as I imagine many other are who post here. I have been struggling with sinus/nasal congestion in my left nostril only; it seems like there may be a sore or wound in there somewhere as I’ve blown out what looks like bloody scabs. I’ve also had thick green mucus, which i clear by blowing my nose and then the congestion returns in an hour or so. My nasal passages also feel raw sometimes, like when cool air hits a scab on your arm or something. It been pesky, but it’s been going on for 2-3 months now and that’s alarming. My husband and I thought it might be the dry air but I just don’t know. Seems like it would affect the other nostril as well if that were the case. In the last two weeks, I have felt what feels like a lump in my throat, on the left side. I have checked in the mirror and the tonsil on the left is slightly larger than the other one. I’m guessing that is causing the sensation. I just got a prescription for antibiotics to see if I can’t clear up what’s happening in my sinuses. I can’t stop wondering if it is cancer. I have had no fever, no headache, no sore throat. Has anyone had a similar experience? How was your outcome?

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@tlhuckins-First off try not to be scared. Our minds can make sensations/symptoms worse, when we add worry to the mix. The nasal cavity is a very sensitive place. It is working for you at all times. What you are experiencing, although bothersome, sounds very normal. Nasal/sinus cavities can get dry at times. If mucous doesn’t flow properly from the dryness, can cause stagnant flow, which can create an overgrowth in spots causing irritation and inflammation. The hard mucous w/change of color can either mean old and dried up, or mucous that is harboring bacteria. Your tonsils are bacteria fighters. The lump you feel is most likely a lymph node that helps the tonsils filter. They are often not equal in size. They sometimes swell when fighting off bacteria. Our bodies are constantly fighting off pathogens. Sometimes we know it, sometimes we don’t. I would proceed with the antibiotic. Try implementing a humidifier at night and saline rinses to keep passages lubricated and reduce irritation. This sounds minor and very treatable.


@tlhuckins, it's hard not to be worried and to leap to the worst. I agree with @nrd1 that this could be something relatively simple to remedy, but it does need medical attention. You mentioned that you have a prescription for antibiotics. I assume that to get the prescription, you went to see a doctor. What did the doctor suggest might be the issue? Have you ever used a neti pot to clear the sinuses?

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