Mid-ascending aneurysm

Posted by leann1971 @leann1971, Feb 2, 2020

Am 48 years old and had a cat scan they found a 4 cm mid ascending anseryum. Without contrast it was 3.7. My mom has had one for ten years at 4.2. I am very scared am in shock. Any help would be appreciated. Went to a surgeon he said come back in a year and that it wasn’t a anseryum just dialated.

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Hi Leann, Believe me, I understand your shock and concern. At 4.0 cm you don’t have anything to worry about. Keep your BP under control and get it checked every year and hopefully it never grows or becomes something you have to deal with. There aren’t many people you run into that understand the condition we have and can give advice. But, others on this site with similar conditions, have helped me greatly by sharing their personal situation and knowledge.


Thank You for the reply. Yes reading the posts on here is very supporting.


Hi Leann, I hear you and totally understand your concern. I was hospitalized recently with some unexpected chest discomfort. It turned out I had two stents put in because did a clogged artery and they found a 4.5 aortic aneurysm. I didn’t have any symptoms till I had the chest heaviness. I was told to follow up every 6 months with a cat scan. I felt like a ticking time bomb. But after reading and asking many questions I realize I’ll be ok.
Take care of yourself and make some lifestyle adjustments, like diet and watch your blood pressure. Meditate, trust and pray.

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