Laser treatment for spinal stenosis?

Posted by leslie324 @leslie324, Sep 3, 2017

Does anyone have any information on laser treatment for spinal stenosis?

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Since several of you have asked about my laser therapy, today was my second visit. I will admit that I had some days of major pain after visit #1. The only reason I went back was because I am out of options for any other solution. Today, however, I had both class 4 laser treatment and spinal decompression. And, for the first time in a very long time, I was able to stand on my feet and actually cook dinner. I also attended a 2 hour meeting on a very uncomfortable chair. I am cautiously optimistic but aware of how much inflammation I must deal with. Will keep you posted. I really appreciate this group's support. Leslie324

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I am so so sorry to hear this. Ouch! Hopes for a speedy recovery.


After a week of pain in my ribs and lower back, I went back to the chiropractor. My ribs and lower back are badly swollen and inflamed. So he just did a long laser session on both areas and then ice packs which I am continuing at home. Feeling somewhat better. Got rid of morphine given in hospital as made me totally loopy. I am recommending laser treatment at this point and also now know that offering patients heavy drugs rather than true pain relief does really happen. Thank you all for your interest and support. Leslie324


Does anyone have any information on laser treatment for spinal stenosis


I been suffering from spinal stenosis for over 10years ,i live in Australia and no one does laser treatment,i have narrowing of the 3 and 4 neck on the left side caused by calcification . I am interested in getting it fixed ,roughly how much do u think it would cost
regards Bob

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