Nissen Fundoplication

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I am a Mayo Clinic patient (past or current).
Your interests: LAPAROSCOPIC NISSEN FUNDOPLICATION Your experience as a Mayo Clinic patient (if applicable): Today is one week since surgery at the Jacksonville Clinic. It was a positive experience, in that the care was excellent. Now home in Boca Raton, I am 7 hours by car from my doctors. Although I have a local doctor at home, I feel the need to connect with others who have had this surgery. Anything else about yourself: The main symptom I suffered with was chronic cough. I also have been diagnosed with Asthma. Last summer I became a patient at National Jewish Health in Denver, CO, a hospital that specializes in Respiratory disease. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectosis, probably caused by GERD. I had been on the GERD diet, proton pump inhibitors, inhalers, antibiotics, cough meds, the works. Turning over every leaf possible, I was led to the Mayo Clinic. Somewhat cynical about the outcome, I chose to have the surgery. This week has been difficult. I experienced low grade fever, and belching every few seconds for hours on the fifth day out. This has finally stopped and I am now on soft foods, really I’m clinging to blended still. I would like to hear from others that have had this surgery.

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Thank you for the all valuable information. I’ve heard horror stories if they wrap too tightly its impossible to vomit. Have you ever heard that?
Is an esophagram where they give you a drink and then they x-ray you as you swallow it? My gastro never mentioned any problems with the esophagus.
I guess its this very large hiatal hernia. Oh it must have been terrible not to be able to take pain meds for the shoulder. Did you have any pain in the stomach
area or diaphgram area? Did you have a problem swallowing after you woke up from surgery? Please excuse all my questions. I’m so petrified
to have this done. May I ask you a personal question? Would you be able to give me the name of the surgeon that performed this surgery
Again thank you for the information.

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Oh yes anticipation is definitely making me nervous. Thank you for your positive message, God Bless you too
thank you for sending a message to me, I appreciate it.


Thank you kdubois for your post, it has helped with a lot of questions I had. Unfortunately I won’t be able to travel to any Mayo Clinics
I’m so weak, I’m losing blood from this hernia and its hard for me to think about any travelling….I should hear from my gastroenterologist
today about my barium-xray test I had yesterday. Thank you again and all the best to you.

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Oh that is so sad to hear about statue of limitations. I have found acupuncture is great! Thank you for your positive message about seeing my primary care today. All the best to you!


Seven years ago I had a nissen fundoplication done by a great surgeon here in San Antonio,Texas. I had a very large hiatal hernia. The wrap has come undone and there is another hernia. I have visited with the same two surgeons that did the original surgery. At the time (seven years ago) I was told that the surgery could never be repeated and if I wanted to ever consider gastric bypass, it would not be possible. These doctors are surgeons at a bariatric clinic and this is the types of surgeries they do every day. During my visit last week, I was told a repair surgery was necessary and once they get in my abdominal area, if the stomach and herniated areas are in really bad shape, I would need gastric bypass as a last resort. I am almost 62 years old and about 25 pounds over weight. I am scared to death and the thought of something going wrong leaves me in great fear. Have any of you ever had the repair done? The surgery was not a walk in the park, but I have a very high tolerance for pain. The discomfort isn’t a concern, but something going wrong is.


… and I was wondering if anyone has ever had this surgery before. If so, 360º or 270º? What was your physical recovery like? What was your diet after surgery like and for what duration? I know that I won’t be able to eat normal food for a while, and I will lose some weight, but at least I won’t have heartburn anymore!

(As background, I’m excited for this surgery! After years of GERD issues and taking medications like Nexium due to a failing sphincter and hiatal hernia, Mayo figured out that I don’t properly-metabolize proton pump inhibitors (in addition to a bunch of other medications), and this was why I was so comprehensively sick for years. After stopping these meds, I lost a ton weight, and revisited my GI doctor. He said that since I can’t take PPIs and had lost so much weight, I was now an excellent candidate for the surgery.)

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