Knee replacement

Posted by luvndasun @luvndasun, Nov 20, 2021

I had one replacement 6 months ago and me knee still feels like it's on fire 24/7 and I'm in pain all day and night.

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Good Morning @luvndasun Welcome to Connect. I am troubled by your first post about a knee replacement that hasn’t behaved the way you imagined. I am 3 months out from my second TKR and have been recovering well. I need a bit more information about your pain and discomfort. Is it in the surgery area or the muscle and tissue around the knee. Were you given pain medication for recovery? And my last question, how did you do in physical therapy? Oops…I have one more. Have you been able to do stretch and stability exercises at home?

You deserve better than constant pain. And Connect’s mission is to improve the quality of life for every member. I look forward to your response. How are you managing to sleep?

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.


Hi, @luvndasun Welcome to Connect.

I have had two TKRs (total knee replacements) and have never had a burning feeling or the type of pain you describe. Have you spoken to your surgeon? If so what has he said?

I did have pain after my second TKR but that only lasted about 6 weeks. My surgeon was seeing me frequently to check up on it, he was concerned, but then it suddenly got better! You really should not be having the pain you mention so I hope you will let your surgeon know and that they will get you in for an appointment and possibly an x-ray.

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