Keytruda for NSCLC: What's your experience?

Posted by jrlvsgolf @jrlvsgolf, Jun 14, 2022

Have nsclc had surgery and chemo in which can't tolerate any more. Stopped in 2019. Cancer metastatic to other lung. Doc wants me to start Keytruda. Opinions of Keytruda only as no more chemo.

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Welcome @jrlvsgolf,
I think @cindylb @lisamb @2onlow8 and @ta52 may have some experiences with Keytruda (pembrolizumab) to share with you. You may be encouraged by this post started by Tom,
- A Keytruda Patient Running the 2022 Chicago Marathon

@jrlvsgolf, when are you scheduled to start Keytruda? What questions or concerns do you have?


Thanks, @colleenyoung
@jrlvsgolf A lot of Keytruda's success depends on your PD-L1 expression. The higher the percentage the better but even at 100% (like I was) there is still chemotherapy involved. It is a version (mine was Altimta) that is designed to work with Keytruda. If, for example, your PD-L1 expression is 50% that means Keytruda will only be effective on half your cancer cells and the other half will need to be treated with some other therapy like chemo and/or radiation. I did go from inoperable Stage IV NSCLC to NED in six months but, again, my PD-L1 expression was 100% which is extremely rare. Keytruda is a great stride forward and even in my early days with treatment every three weeks with Keytruda, Alimta and carboplatin I had virtually no side effects. Find out as much as you can but your PD-L1 expression is key!

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