Ketamine treatments

Posted by deadpoets @deadpoets, Sep 21, 2016

Does anyone have any experience with ketamine treatments? Either as part of a clinical trial or otherwise?


@audriana, that is really interesting with the clinic in Benson. I had no idea it offered anything like that. I have had 2 esketamine treatments, but stopped because my nausea went out of control, afterwards. If I can get a hold on the nausea, I will start back. How many treatments did you have before you felt results?

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My titration schedule was slow and the following is my best recollection:
First month, 2 × per week, 27 mg
Second, 2 x per week, 54 mg
Third month, 84 mg once a week
At this point, the suicidal ideations were gone and I felt purposeful again….With cautious optimism, I engaged in a community service group.
Fourth month & 5th month, 84 mg every other week
January- March 2020, 84mg once a month and you know the rest of the story…
Last week, Andrew told me the protocol has changed–post suicide attempt dose is 84 mg…no titration.
I'm not going to dwell on the woulda, coulda, shouldas…knowing that once I find a provider who will accept Medicare, BCBS, & Tricare 4 Life…smh…that I have relief and comfort in knowing I don't have to start at the beginning…lol
BTW, although I do experience the wish to be dead, I will not commit suicide. I live by a contract that I, with my therapist, drafted in 2001. I am a woman of my word…besides, I can't stand the thought of someone saying, "oh, she's in a better place…" I'm in a good place now. I want to leave it in better condition than when I arrived.
I'm a hippie at ❤
Oh…your nausea…I do hope that can be addressed. Encourage your doctors to think outside the box.
Spravato/esketamine may not be in our future, but nausea is a pain in the butt…lol…at the therapeutic level of Cymbalta, I had projectile vomiting. Zofran caused constipation…I apologize for TMI.

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