Have you taken levetiracetam (Keppra)?

Posted by Ryman @ryman, Aug 29, 2017

I have been prescribed Keppra for seizures. I have never actually had a seizure but the neurologist says that some of the weird things going on with me are related to seizures. I really don’t get on well with meds and am concerned about this one. Has anyone else taken it? Thank you.

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I took it and I found that I was feeling drowsy then neurologist changed it to Lamotrigine but no change in drowsiness after 4 months. It is affecting my lifestyle.
Don't know what to do. Like you I don't think I had Seizure but I passed out, my wife says I was fighting while going to hospital, there they found nothing with CT scan and MRI. I had appointment with neurologist today but I cancelled it did to COVID-19.
Good luck.

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Hi, @indusnb1 – I can imagine how being tired all the time would for sure affect your lifestyle. It's possible @jakedduck1 may have some thoughts on the tiredness you are encountering with the medication. What does your doctor suggest, in light of this drowsiness you are finding with the anti-seizure medication?

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