Just diagnosed mild copd male 78.

Posted by kenshirl @kenshirl, Mar 22 12:37am

Does anyone know what the progression rate of copd is? I’m male 78 and the diagnosis is mild copd at the moment. Many thanks

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I’m the same age and was diagnosed about 6 years ago. Mine has been quite slow.


I'm 76 and was diagnosed about 7 years ago; it has progressed at a faster rate in the last few years. I'm on oxygen 24/7 and co2 build up. Using inhalers also


The prognosis of COPD seems to be as individual as our personalities!
I was diagnosed with mild COPD about 25 years ago. Up until 2 years ago, my progress has been slow.
My goal has been " maintain the best function, for as long as possible".
Follow all of your doctors recommendations in treatment and breathing exercises. Follow your medication regime; especially your puffers, check that you are using them correctly. Your Pharmacist can be a great help there.
If you need to, lose weight.
Follow all the rules of good health; balanced meals, exercise, social contact, fresh air, etc.
Only time will tell you if your disease will progress fast or slow, but there is much to learn about your self care.
Ask your doc for recommended books.
And join a group... like this one!
All the best to you on your journey.

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