I’ve got the pain for CRPS under control…need help with the disease pr

Posted by grannyzoo @grannyzoo, Dec 25, 2022

I’ve got the Boston Spinal Cord Implant and with the help of God and Boston Scientific (along with UNC) my pain is greatly reduced. Now my issue is the progression of the disease. Any suggestions on the type of specialist to see? My neurologist, in my local city, knows of the disease but has nothing more to offer. My toes are now doing some interesting things…actually tore a ligament and had no idea because of the neuropathy. Back in a boot for four weeks. The toes are now spastic. Still can’t wear a sock. The calf of my left leg is having spasms.

Thank you!

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Hi, I have no idea what CRPS is, sorry. But you sound like you have an incredible team working with you. I fully understand that your neurologist has nothing more to offer you. My only suggestion would be to ask your team what type of follow up they would suggest after putting in the implant. Sorry I am not more help.

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