Itching upper to mid back

Posted by doloresmacneil @doloresmacneil, Jul 26, 2022

1. Does anyone have an itching “band”from the mid-shoulders to the bra strap region and extending down: 4-5 in. Band across my back? Rarely a few blisters appear but the prominent symptoms is unrelenting itching.
2. Does anyone notice a “STUCK and very intense transient stabbing pain” when turning to a back seat while driving?
3. Does anyone have the “ feeling” of getting an intense bite without seeing a bite? This occurs mostly on my legs snd feet?
Thanks for sharing.

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Hi @doloresmacneil, I have to admit I do sometimes have some intense itching in the middle of my upper back. I think it's always there because it's the one area I can't scratch without my long wooden back scratcher. 🙂 You mention seeing a few blisters in the area but the worse symptom is the itching. All of the symptoms you described sound similar to the condition Notalgia Paresthetica — There is a related discussion you may want to join here:

— Notalgia Paresthetica help:

Have you discussed the symptoms with your doctor?


I had the intense itching exactly as you described but not the other two symptoms. Once I finished tapering off Prednisone it disappeared. Good luck!

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