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IT band syndrome after knee replacement

Posted by @collielady, Jul 26, 2018

I had both knees replaces last month. Right on 6/4 and left on 6/13. The right knee has done great. But the left has had issues. This week both PT and the surgeon’s nurse said I have IT band syndrome. PT put a strip of K-tape down the side of my leg and suggests ice massage to the area. And the nurse showed me a stretching exercise to do. I am wondering if others have had this problem and how it was handled and how long it took to get better. The pain behind my knee prevents me from raising my leg while walking.


Is the pain behind your knee associated with the IT Syndrome? I have pain behind my knee that feels like it is full of liquid and when I bend it is squeezing that liquid and that hurts like crazy. I also have pain behind my knee when I walk that feels like a tendon, ligament or something is being stretched to its limit and then pops, then with my next steps it starts again. I was wondering if one of the two pains could be IT problems. If either of these is what you are experiencing, I have been having this pain since about week 8 and I am now about 16 weeks out and still have it.

My pain is behind my knee toward the outer side. It mainly hurts when I am walking making me walk with a stiff-legged gait. The K tape seems to be helping and I can get some bend in my knee now when walking. It might be worth asking your surgeon or physical therapist if your problem might be IT band inflammation.

Hi @collielady, I'd like to invite back @tmeurer, @strokemyoak and @lynnmorgan0916 who also discussed IT band pain in the past as well to share their experiences. I also have a few discussions that include videos you may want to check out as well:

@collielady, I also had my knee replaced in 2006. My recovery was long and hard due to scar tissue, so I can empathize the struggles of rehab with you. How is your range-of-motion going? I have to image the IT band syndrome is really affecting your ability to progress in your flexing and straightening of your joint.

Thanks, Justin. I will check out those videos. What surprises me is that IT band syndrome is caused by overuse which would not be the case after knee replacement surgery. I will have to ask my PT more about how this happens. Actually my flexion and extension are very good when I am laying down. The pain and limitation of movement are only with walking/weight-bearing.

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