Issues 18 months after covid

Posted by mokunui808 @mokunui808, Feb 18 9:47pm

Around Oct 2022 i had contracted covid, i did not get that sick and only had a small fever. But my skin got absolutely destroyed, unless there is something else going on.

I have been in and out of the hospital the last 18 months looking for some kind of solution for what i am experiencing. The main issues are lingering fatigue but i also have extremely bone dehydrated or dry skin. I dont peel or flake really but my skin feels like rubber on my whole body, hands and feet being the worst. Coconut oil is absorbed within 60 minutes of being on my skin, Vaseline maybe 2 hours max. My tongue also is really dry. Only other thing i can notice is stools are not as dark as they used to be.

In summary something either digestively or in my skin is wrong and the doctors have been unable to narrow it down to anything. I have gotten countless blood work over the last 18 months. Full auto immune panels testing for sjorgrens and others, cancer panels, CRP, C3/C4, ADH, testosterone, thyroids, ekg, endoscopy, mri, ct scan, ultrasound, stool tests, urine tests etc absolutely nothing has shown up abnormal for me besides elevated b6 in blood and it was slight.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this during or after covid? Im really the only one i know like this.

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Long covid (LC) hits everyone a bit differently. For me it was PEM (post-exertional malaise, fatigue) and cardiovascular (blood pressure, pounding heart). I found an article (below) on one link between skin conditions and LC. I collect autoimmune diseases and control them and LC with paced exercise/rest, hydrate, a mostly FODMAP diet (no gluten, NSAIDs, few legumes, few processed foods, and low sugar and salt [the diet doesn't suck as much as it sounds]), and sleep. My eczema is corraled by no gluten and avoiding stress. I can only use White Petroleum (Vaseline) on my lips because everything else results in a rash after a while .

I found a few articles in ResearchGate (a site for scientists, so the terminology can be complicated). Below is the preprint of one article that links gut biomes to some long covid symptoms (including skin). Your doctor might find it of interest. Basically, LC is an autoimmune disease(s) that also impacts the GI tract, which also hits other areas (including our largest organ, the skin). GI doctors are iffy when it comes to diagnosing increased intestinal permeability/gluten or other food intolerances and such. I notice you had the stool sample check. Mine stool test was normal even tho my intestines are hit by celiac and collitis (negative means they didn't find the problem).

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