Is there an antidepressant that does NOT cause RLS?

Posted by celticxian @celticxian, Oct 22, 2023

I have taken several antidepressants but lately I’ve been having Restless Legs Syndrome as a result. This didn’t happen when I took Paxil, but when I took Zoloft it happened after taking more than 50mg. I have been afraid to take one since then and really need one I feel. Does anybody know which antidepressants are safe to take? Thank you!

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Search in the RLS foundation website. They may have some tips for you. Best of luck.


They seem to all have some side effects to them. Also, there are some side effects that may not be ones that are routinely experienced by everyone, but as I have discovered, there are those of us who are either sensitive to its ingredients or something in it that affects us differently and we do experience side effects others may not. This is where we must come in instead of being prescribed something and relying on the person prescribing to know what our side effects will be and to tell us ahead of them. I have found that just as in other illnesses, having some type of mental illness requiring medications also requires us to do our due diligence in discovering what the side effects may be and paying close attention to our bodies. We need to know how our bodies are reacting to the medication both initially when prescribed and in the long term. Since what we are being prescribed affects our mood, we have to take the necessary precautions to ensure that with trying to perform maintenance or whatever we are calling getting help beside or instead of a therapist or counselor, something we are consuming will not exacerbate it further.

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