Is there a connection between b6 toxicity and thyroid issues?

Posted by lbishop @lbishop, May 5 1:44pm

In the fall, I developed a series of odd symptoms, including vertigo, then tinnitus, brain fog, fatigue, muscle spasms, etc. as well as some of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism, including hair loss, constipation, etc. After seeing multiple doctors, one suggested I get my B levels checked. All were normal except for B6, which are extremely high (>250, with normal upper range of 21). I don't take supplements, really. An occasional multi-vitamin. At the same time, my TSH levels are on the rise. My normal is below 3 and they are now at close to 4.5. I've been taking NP Thyroid for more than 10 years at a very low dose. I can't figure out why my B6 levels would be so high, or how they might relate to other test results.

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Also, I spent 2 months avoiding any supplements and trying to eat a "low" b6 diet and my B6 levels just came back even higher.


Hello @lbishop, Welcome to Connect. Here's some information that explains the connection between the thyroid and Vitamin B6 that might be helpful.

"Does vitamin B6 affect thyroid?
Without this vitamin, the thyroid cannot utilise its iodine raw material efficiently to make the hormones. Pyridoxine B6 is needed even more by an overactive thyroid. Muscle weakness is very common in people with an overactive thyroid and in those who are also lacking in B6."
— Vitamins and minerals and their importance for the Thyroid:

You mentioned that you have been avoiding any supplements and trying to eat a low B6 diet. Do you drink any of the popular sports energy drinks which can be high in B6?

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