Is sleeping at 9 PM to 5 AM healthier than sleeping at 3 AM to 11 AM?

Posted by benjaminion @benjaminion, May 13, 2021

I have been taught by my parents that sleeping early is healthier than sleeping at 3 AM to 11 AM. Is it true? What are the risks when you sleep at 3 AM than 9 PM? This question is kind of important because this is ruining my life now.

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@benjaminion – I think you ask a good question but feel it's probably different for each person. I used to stay up late but was always up early I just had less sleep. Being a lot older has changed my thinking some and I'm pretty much in bed by 8 every night and up at 5 every morning. This seems to work OK for me but I know it is not a one size fits all thing. Here's an article that answers some of your questions and provides some things to think about.

What's the Best Time to Sleep and Wake Up?:

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