Is my Lung Disease Stable or Unstable or NED?

Posted by Merry, Volunteer Mentor @merpreb, Jan 16, 2019

Hello- Having multifocal adenocarcinoma of the lung in both lungs, I am considered a stage 4 lung cancer. However I do not always have an active cancer. Sometimes all my little nodules are very indolent or not active at all. That is considered stable. When I had my first lobectomy on my lower right lobe I was cancer free for 10 years. I was the big NED! I thought that I was cured. He “got it all out” End of story. But 10 years later I not only had cancer but it was comprised of 3 tumors. They were all considered primary adenocarcinomas – they had a different cell make up and size. What! That’s when my life changed to unstable. I went from NED to Chronic.
Here is an excellent article about advanced lung cancers:


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