Is it safe to take Xarelto with Eliquis?

Posted by zenith @zenith, Nov 17 3:50pm

Is it safe to take Xarelto with eliquis?

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Probably, but not in addition to…unless….the dosages are additive to the point where the effect intended by the prescribing physician is achieved. IOW, don't do this on your own accord, but do it only if a physician wants you to take both and has adjusted the dosage that one would take if taking only one of those two drugs.

Both drugs inhibit the production of thrombin. You wouldn't take the usual dose of apixaban, which is typically 5mg BID, and then take another dose of Xarelto on top of that unless it is prescribed. And this is key…unless it is prescribed.


I agree with @gloaming to check with your doctor.

I recently had this discussion with my EP because I have included black cumin seeds and Natto in my diet. Both foods have anticoagulant properties. I was told I can't take Eliquis with these foods. I have to stop eating these foods when I take Eliquis for an AFib episode.

Sometimes the pharmacy and medical chart med lists are not up to date. I always take a list of prescribed meds and dosages, supplements, and special food with me to a doctor's appointment to make sure my medical record is current. You can also bring in bottles of the meds you are taking for review. You doctor may also ask you to come in for a med review.

If changes are made to your med list, ask your pharmacist to update your record.

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